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“We came to Ganga because of an entrenched communication problem and some big life decisions heading towards us. We were caught in a cycle of negative conversations and couldn’t figure out how to get out. In just a few sessions with Ganga we made some great break throughs and quickly started to enact changes in our relationship that led to more positive and fruitful communication. Over a period of twelve weeks we developed a new understanding of each other and our emotional needs. We are grateful for the help and guidance Ganga offered us and recommend her services.”

– MBA Professional & University Professor

“Ganga is always very warm, open and nonjudgmental. She sensitively and intuitively guides you to your own insights.”

– Tai Chi Practitioner

“It was a wonderful breakthrough to actually feel my own inner strength and power again after feeling drained for so long. I now feel I can face the future in a renewed way.”

– Health and Wellness Consultant

“My wife and I were having lots of fights, there was no harmony between us and we were acting like children. I found Ganga on the internet and she guided us to become more rational and compassionate with each other. Now we understand each other more; we talk instead of shout and have gotten rid of our negativity. I really thank and appreciate her help and objectivity. The more we learn about ourselves, the closer we grow together.”

– Medical Doctor

“Because of the work that my husband and I have done with Ganga and continue to do, our marriage has greatly improved, from imminent divorce to a reconnection on a deeper level. My husband and I are now more in love than ever.”

– President of an Environmental Co.

“Ganga has given us the tools to resolve conflict and communicate effectively with each other. She has also helped us with family of origin issues that impact life on a daily basis. We would recommend her to family and friends.”

– Entrepreneurs

“Overall I found the counselling experience with Ganga to be grounding and encouraging as I worked through a difficult and challenging experience of separation from my marriage of 27 years and the death of my father. Ganga was quiet, encouraging and yet her questions provided a challenging experience. I never felt judged but felt appropriate questions were asked to encourage me to look beyond my own evaluation and limited understanding of my situation.

I feel after my sessions with her that I am much better able to slow down and think about my feelings before quickly making emotion-based decisions. My thanks for a time of growing and learning!”

– Minister

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