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Grief and Loss

Grief, sorrow, loss, deathAlthough loss is a natural part of life, its occurrence can still come as a shock. Grief and loss happens with the end of a relationship (friends, relatives or marriage), employment, in-capitation of a loved one and death. You may find yourself unable to cope with the grief and sorrow, especially with death. It’s so final. The emotions we feel are the same, although at different depths.

These feelings are normal
Yes, this is true. Angry? That’s normal. Guilty? That’s normal too. Whatever emotion you are feeling, allow it to express itself. Working through the various stages of grief doesn’t have a specific order or time limit. Accept without judgement how you feel about what you are forced to handle.

Many well-wishers may unknowingly make hurtful comments to you, insinuating you are grieving for too long. Your grieving period is unique to you, and only you. Only you can decide when you are ready.

Perhaps you feel guilty if you did move forward with your life, a form of disrespect to your loved one. I want to reassure you that you will never forget them. There’s no chance of that happening. You’ll remember their voice, laughter, appearance, personality and the good times you had with them. These are your cherished memories that you will keep forever. I am sure, your loved one would want you to heal, move forward with your life.

Moving forward is the path you must walk on to get through this time where you feel so emotionally exhausted, so debilitating. The good news is, I know you can do it.

When the time is right for you, you will move forward. Living productively and holding their memory dear to your heart. You will never forget them, nor should you.

How Does Therapy Help?
We will talk freely in a safe, non-judgemental environment. Sometimes, although you may want to move forward, you just don’t know how to do it. My approach is to discover where in the grieving process you got stuck. Once that’s identified, we can deal with all the pent-up feelings of anger, bitterness, hurt, and grief. By venting, all those suppressed feelings that you were hanging on to, they can now rise to the surface and you can let them go. Now you’ve created a space for new positive emotions to replace them.

I will help you understand the process and walk you through to the other side of grief. At the end of this journey together, you will be left with a feeling of acceptance about your loss and a better understanding of yourself.



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