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What Is Anxiety?

It’s a feeling of nervousness and restlessness. We all feel anxiety at some time or another. For example, it’s normal to feel anxious in situations such as public speaking, writing a test or asking someone out on a date. Why? Because we’re nervous about how we’ll do. Once the situation has finished, our anxiety level decreases. Our blood pressure and our breathing, for example, returns to normal.

Anxiety as a Health Issue:

The problem we need to focus on is when anxiety is in overdrive. We can become fixated on everyday topics such as:
• Finances
• Relationships
• Career and our work
• Our future
• Finding meaning in life

It’s a time when your mind is overburdened with stressful thoughts and you cannot come to terms with the present situation. You feel scared and the anxiety does not stop.

Anxiety, when not treated, often creates stress that gets expressed physically, such as:
• Panic attacks
• Migraines
• Heart disease
• Depression

If anxiety isn’t treated properly, panic can set in and you may feel immobilized and scared. You know there isn’t any actual physical danger in front of you, but you want to run away as fast as you can anyway. You pace back and forth in a fury. You wish you didn’t feel this way, but you believe you have no control over it.

How Treating Anxiety Can Help:

The good news is that I have helped many people in my practice overcome their anxiety. I totally understand what you are experiencing, and I will help you work through it.

My method for treating anxiety and stress is by first exploring whether they are related to unresolved issues from your:
• Childhood
• Situational circumstances
• Negative/distorted thoughts.

After exploring the root cause, I then apply different modalities to resolve the issues permanently.

For example, Talk therapy and Focusing; Focusing is a way to relax the body through guided visualization, after which we explore, still in the relaxed state, what the core issue is. The exercise goes deep into the mind and makes permanent changes. You will get new insights into your problem(s) and a sense of relief.

Therapy is a safe, effective and proven treatment for those who suffer with anxiety.

It’s comforting to know that anxiety will no longer dominate your life. Together, we will succeed.