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depression, depressed feelingsDepression has been called the world’s number one public health problem. And I’m not surprised.

Depression happens to all of us at some time or another. The concern is when depression is affecting your ability to function normally.

Symptoms of depression:

• Hopeless or Helplessness
• Losing interest in daily activities
• Feeling tired all the time
• Cannot concentrate
• Feeling Irritable, short tempered
• Eating all the time
• Feeling despair
• Overwhelmed
• No enjoyment in life
• Burnt out

Result of:

• Ending a relationship or marriage
• Problems experienced at work
• Death of someone you love; family member, friend and even your pet
• Retirement, whether you saw it coming or not
• Company layoff or downsizing
• Moving residences
• Experiencing the winter ‘blues’, the lack of sunlight

Often depression occurs when we are unable to cope with a difficult situation which gets worse with negative self-talk. And that means all the ‘what-if’ scenarios we play in our heads. It creates more feelings of hurt, anger or disempowerment, making us feel worse than when we started out. These feelings show up in our daily activities, while lurking underneath can be more vulnerable feelings such as sadness, hopelessness, low self-esteem, to name a few.

When we are not able to get in touch with our vulnerable feelings, as mentioned above, we may lose perspective and stay stuck in the feelings of hurt, anger, etc….

At this time it is important to reach out for support to understand yourself and to transform your feelings of depression into acceptance, perspective and moving on.

Depression needs to be treated or else it can linger on for years. Getting in touch with the underlying emotions with the help of a caring, compassionate therapist can move you forward to a more enjoyable life.

What you can do to treat depression:

• Have a routine (make up your bed every day, for example)
• Get out of the house even if it means just literally standing outside your door
• Take a shower and get dressed
• Go for short walks, and build up to increase your time incrementally
• Commend yourself for every effort you make, regardless of large or small
• Visit your family and friends who are positive supporters
• Connect with an interest group in your area
• Get professional help

Having said all this, I know you just don’t feel like doing any of it. I completely understand. In fact, just reading about it might have exhausted you completely and sent you to lie down.

Why do I lack motivation?

Depression acts like a vacuum and sucks all the motivation out of you. You can’t muster the strength to do even the smallest things in your life, such as brush your teeth or cook for yourself. Just getting out of bed is an achievement for you. Knowing what to do, and doing it are two different things. Depression has rooted itself in your life, and you need outside help to get you through it.

Let me help you:

I’m happy to say that I’ve helped hundreds of my clients deal with these issues (and others) successfully.

Here are a few things I did for them, and I can do for you too:

• Together we will pinpoint when the depression started.
• Identify whether it began with a physical or emotional trigger
• Create workable solutions to implement in your life catered to you
• Remove negative inner dialogue, replacing them with healthy positive ones
• And other strategies depending on your needs

Depression contributes to the feeling that you can’t see your way out of it. Not to worry! I’ll give you the tools and coping skills to see that there is light at the end of your tunnel, and I’m here to take you there. Together we will get your life back on track.