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Couples Therapy

Ganga Daryanani, RSW offers an effective therapeutic tool for your counseling session.
Counseling, Family Therapy in Toronto, ON
Family Counseling, Family Therapy in Toronto, ON
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Couples Therapy

Everyone wants to feel they have a safe and secure attachment with their partner. However, when this feeling is threatened, we panic and all those unresolved issues come to the surface. My role is to provide a safe environment for everyone concerned. Together we will explore the negative cycles, discover how they began and then determine how to stop them.

This will enable both you and your partner to feel safe with each other. You will bond with more intimacy, compassion and support for each other than before. I’ve helped others and I can help you. I will give you the tools to approach situations in a positive, productive manner. Once you are equipped to deal with your issues together, your conversations will develop in a constructive and caring manner.

My Method

My primary method for couples is EFT (emotionally focused therapy)
EFT is a short term structured approach to couples therapy that aims to:
• Expand and reorganize key emotional responses
• Create an emotional shift in partners interaction
• Foster the creation of a secure bond between partners

Research studies find that 75% of couples move from distress to recovery and approximately
90 % show significant improvements with EFT.

Why come for couples counselling?

When you feel you have tried everything by yourselves with no success.
When you see a continuing rift
When your children are telling you to get a divorce
When you look to others instead of your partner for companionship
When your relationship lacks intimacy
When you or your partner has been unfaithful.

How long will it take to see results?

Relationships unravel over time. Likewise they may take a while to be built back up.
Depending on how entrenched the issues are, a couple’s timeframe can range from 15 to 30 sessions or more.

What can I expect from couples counselling?

• First session: both partners will be seen together to find out what the issues are.
• Second and third session: each partner will be seen individually to get a history of their childhood background and past relationships.
• Fourth Session: the couple will be seen together to receive feedback and set goals.
• In the following sessions the couple will continue to work on achieving their goals.

Benefits of Couples Therapy

• Discovering the negative patterns in your relationship and how to stop them
• Taking responsibility for your own behaviour
• Acknowledging your own vulnerability
• Viewing your interactions from your partners perspective
• Listening with compassion
• Restoring intimacy
• Taking your walls down and focusing on essential issues
• Nurturing your communication skills
• Restructuring the tone of your communication
• Regaining trust
• Accepting your limitations

Why Marriages Fail

No one enters into marriage thinking they will someday be at odds with their partner. Stress, miscommunications and unresolved issues make many marriages tense and full of frustration. Over time the trust and safety you once felt as a couple is gone. You are left feeling sad, angry and unable to talk to the one you love; this leaves you both feeling disconnected.

According to Statistics Canada, over 40% of marriages are expected to end in divorce before couples reach their 50th anniversary. These numbers show that there is a serious disconnect between couples. A change in pattern, whether it’s the birth of a child, starting a business or a partner going into retirement, can derail a marriage if a couple has not learned how to grow together and overcome obstacles.

Couples counselling provides a safe environment, where partners can express their concerns and share their feelings, before they go past the point of reconciliation. I offer couples and individuals the opportunity to grow in a positive, affirmative direction which is empowering and long lasting.

How to Maintain/ Develop a Healthy Relationship

• Communicate openly
• Listen attentively
• Mutual respect
• Show appreciation
• Validate each other

Discover the secret to improving your relationships when you contact Ganga in Toronto, Ontario, for your appointment.

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