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Marriage Issues

marriage issues, broken marriages, couples therapy, marriedEveryone wants to feel they have a safe and secure attachment with their partner. However, when this feeling is threatened, we feel panic, and from nowhere all those unresolved issues come to the surface.

So where do I come in? My role is to provide a safe environment for everyone concerned. Together, we will explore what the negative cycles are. Next, we will discover how it began, and then finally, how to stop the destructive cycle.

What will be your result? Your partner and you will feel safe with each other. You will bond with more intimacy, compassion and support for each other than before! Impossible, you say? Not true! I’ve helped others, and I will help you. I will teach you the tools to approach situations in a positive, productive manner. You are now equipped to deal with your issues together as conversations develop in a constructive and caring manner. Great video to watch called “Hold Me Tight” by Dr. Sue Johnson:

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