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What is Self-esteem?
It’s just a feeling. You can’t borrow it. You can’t buy it. Everyone wants it. It’s either negative or positive and it’ll influence the value or judgment you make about yourself. You must have a healthy self-esteem to be happy. When it’s positive, no one can stop you from reaching your dreams. You feel unbeatable because you are! Life is wonderful when you have a healthy self-esteem!

Why Do I Have Low Self-Esteem?
Sometimes our low self-esteem develops from living in an environment where we never received support and praise. Focusing on what was done wrong, rather than on the positive attributes and abilities we each possess. So we never realize how awesome we really are. Sometimes, we may have been raised in an environment where acknowledging our accomplishments to others was viewed as conceit, bragging or above our station in life. It was definitely frowned upon. So we grew up suppressing our joy, accomplishments and feeling we have nothing to be proud of nor anything of value to offer. We may not even have been allowed to voice an opinion. When you don’t view yourself positively or see the greatness others see in you, low self-esteem creeps in. It’s guaranteed to put the brakes on the life you were meant to enjoy.

How Do I Create a Higher Self Esteem?
First we’re going to release the negative brakes that are holding you down! We’re going to do an emotional ‘spring cleaning’. Together we’ll begin to remove the negative thoughts and feelings you possess such as:
• Feeling like a failure
• That others are better than you
• Repeated negative self-talk
• Shame, anger and frustration
• Feeling useless
• Anxiety and Depression

Through therapy we replace the negativity by introducing positive thoughts and feelings such as:
• Self-respect
• Personal satisfaction
• Showing kindness to yourself
• Worthiness
• Realizing you are just as good as everyone else
• Unleashing your creativity
• Learning to enjoy the freedom of being YOU!

How Does Therapy Help?
Therapy helps you to discover who you are meant to be. To set appropriate healthy standards for you to live by. I’ll coach you how to be kind and respectful to yourself. We’ll use Talk Therapy and Focusing to get to the root of these negative feelings, then help you uncover your wonderful positive traits
Don’t let low self-esteem hold you back. Take back the life you were destined to enjoy.

Together we will unlock your confidence and focus on your positive qualities. You will feel different when positive changes occur. Because you already are that phenomenal person people know you to be. Now you can see and feel it too.

Allow me to introduce you to this wonderful new person – that’s YOU
Enjoy the video and take encouragement that you will gain your self-esteem too. I get goose-bump every time I watch it!

Watch this video and you’ll see what I mean.