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Individual Psychotherapy

Simply stated Individual Therapy is all about you. I understand the most difficult action for you to take is to take the first step by picking up the phone. It takes courage to reach out and ask for help especially from someone you’ve never met. I respect that. Look at this opportunity as a means to discover your highest potential and personal growth.Using various proven and tested techniques in a safe and comfortable environment, allows you to go deeper within yourself to access the root cause of your issues. Once these issues are identified, I will help you bring about positive change.What is Holistic Counselling
Holistic Counselling guides your body, mind and spirit to function in harmony. This type of counselling focuses on healing you as a complete, whole person, therefore the word ‘holistic’. It truly is therapy that is all about you. Holistic Counselling recognizes that your needs are complex and so are the forces that drive them. It is an ongoing process of exploration, encouragement and accountability that will help you achieve your personal and professional goals in a focused and satisfying way.Should I See A Psychotherapist?
I have helped many individuals overcome numerous issues that were causing discomfort or who were experiencing a crisis in their lives. The reason to seek help really comes down to the need to remove whatever circumstances or situations that are negatively impacting your life. Some of the common issues fall under the following topics:

• Depression
• Stress and Anxiety
• Relationship problems
• Marriage issues
• Career problems
• Grief or Loss
• Overcoming fear
• Low self esteem

How Psychotherapy Helps
Therapy (Talk and/or Focusing) is tailored to your specific needs and/or issues at the time. Therapy enhances communication skills, helping you to harmonize your thoughts and feelings. Ganga takes your unique personality and situation into consideration during your sessions, skillfully guiding you to make positive changes that will affect every part of your life. Your sessions will get to the root of your issues motivating a healthy change.This effective treatment explores different ways of dealing with an issue. You learn how to see your situation from another perspective and take appropriate action for your emotional wellbeing. In doing so, you will enjoy more intimacy, compassion, and support for yourself and loved ones. You are now equipped to deal with issues as they come up in a more constructive and caring way.Together we will uncover old limiting beliefs and underlying reasons for repetitive patterns of negative behaviour. When we remove the old patterns we open up fresh, new possibilities for your life.

Benefits of Psychotherapy:

• Sense of Serenity • Heightened Self-Esteem
• Enhanced Confidence • Harmony in Relationships
Career Satisfaction

You are now courageously taking the steps that you know are important to become your wonderful new self. For you, this is such an exciting time!

It’s my privilege to be on this path with you. I look forward to hearing from you. Until then….

Compassionate individual counseling starts with an appointment with Ganga. Contact her today in Toronto, Ontario, to set up a session.

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